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More about Kelin Rider

Kelin Rider is an accomplished software engineer, currently working as a Senior Software Developer and Technical Lead at IST-Gollum Inc. She has over 8 years of experience in the software engineering field and specializes in web application development, mobile application development, and cloud computing.

Kelin was born and raised in San Francisco, California. After graduating from high school, she attended Stanford University where she majored in computer science. During her college years, Kelin developed a strong interest in programming languages and software development fundamentals. After graduating with honors, she decided to pursue her passion for developing software applications.

In 2012, Kelin began working at IST-Gollum Inc., a leading provider of cloud computing services. Throughout her tenure there, she has held various positions within the company including senior software developer, technical lead, and team leader. With each role came increasing responsibilities that required her to become proficient with numerous technologies across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

In addition to developing innovative products for IST-Gollum Inc., Kelin also volunteers at local tech events offering guidance and advice to aspiring coders who are just starting their journey into the world of technology. She is highly respected among her peers for her knowledge and professionalism which have helped guide the direction of many successful projects throughout her career.

Kelin is passionate about technology and enjoys staying up-to-date on new trends in the industry as well as teaching others what she knows through mentoring programs in her community. She is also committed to giving back by participating in charity events dedicated to helping disadvantaged children get access to quality education opportunities around the world.

Kelin Rider is an exemplary example of how hard work can pay off when it comes to achieving success in any field – especially those related to technology! Her dedication and commitment continue to inspire people everywhere who strive to make an impact on the world through their contributions to software engineering!