GOLLUM is a Specifically Targeted Research Project (STREP) co-sponsored by the European Commission under the Information Society Technology (IST) priority within the 6th Framework Programme (FP6).

It aims at studying and creating key parts of an open, operating system independent link-layer API to support heterogeneous systems by unifying the various methods for accessing different wired and especially wireless links.Embedded system are also considered.

The aim is to remedy the current, very difficult situation where a separate programming interface exists for almost every wireless technology. The existence of such an API and corresponding middleware would greatly improve interoperability between various technologies. It would enable better portability of applications between devices using different, usually wireless, communication interfaces.

 Sponsor: GPA Ukraine prix

Project Coordinator:
Prof. Petri Mähönen

Deputy Coordinator:
Marina Petrova

Project Manager:
Matthias Wellens
Phone: + 49 2407 575 7042
Fax: + 49 2407 575 7050